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My name is Marina Donina. I am an art journalist and critic.

I consider Art an essential part of our life. In my work, I try to make it more approachable and understandable. In my belief, Art is a changeable and somewhat “alive” substance that reflects all aspects of life.

我的名字是Marina Donina,一名藝術記者與評論家,我認為藝術是我們生活中不可或缺的一部分,而我的工作就是試著讓藝術變得更平易近人。


Let’s be honest: the whole COVID-19 lockdown situation was (and still is) scary. Everyone is stuck right where they are, and the whole world around us seems to be on pause.

However, why not considering this mandatory pause as an opportunity to think, to learn, and even to enjoy some beautiful Art? As it became more than clear that the situation has become serious serious, most of the world’s art museums made online tours free and available anywhere in the world. So, in case there is a place you have always dreamt to visit, here is a great opportunity to make it come true.

我想要老實的跟你說,這整個 COVID-19 疫情造成的封城還是很嚇人的,每個人都被困在某個地方,整個世界就像被按了暫停鍵。然而人們為什麼不考慮把這個暫停視為一個讓我們去思考、去學習、甚至去享受一些美好的藝術的機會呢?當整個疫情變得越來越嚴重時,世界上很多的博物館都舉辦著免費的線上展演,而不管你在世界的哪個角落都可以參與,所以假如說有一個地方是你一直夢寐以求想去參觀的,這就是一個讓你實現夢想的機會。

Here are a few that are definitely worth your attention.


Singapore Art Museum (SAM) focused on contemporary art in Southeast Asia that currently supports a program called #MuseumFromHome. It offers Virtual Curator Tours: currently there are four episodes where you can see a walkthrough of selected art pieces and exhibitions followed by the SAM curators’ talk. You can also find eleven SAM exhibits available online.


The British Museum partnered with Google Cultural Institute and started an amazing interactive project called The Museum of the World. On their website, you can go through a large selection of the British Museum objects from various countries and time periods, from 2,000,000 BC to today.


Tokyo Fuji Art Museum (TFAM) presents a large variety of artworks online. It includes the exhibition called “From Renaissance to XX century”, the collection of Chinese ceramics and a selection of Japanese paintings from the early modern period (Edo period). This museum partners with many websites where you can see more artworks and collections.


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA, Korea) is a large and very active institution. Currently, it presents four online exhibitions and a vast variety of art works. Moreover, the museum currently holds an exhibition that documents its own development.


The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa, New York) is one more institution actively supporting the #MuseumFromHome project. It is now showing almost 76 thousand of its artworks (out of 87 thousand) online. It has an online magazine and offers a large variety of free online courses as well.

現代藝術博物館(MoMa, New York)是另一積極支持#MuseumFromHome的機構現在它在線展示了近7.6萬件藝術品(館內共8.7萬件),還有一本可以提供各種免費課程的線上雜誌。

Most of the places also provide an online walkthrough” option to make your experience as “real” as possible.



Author: Marina DONINA

Translation by Manon SU