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Revver #3 – The City Lab


City Lab

I live in a city.
Apparently, according to statistics, 54% of the human population lives in a city. More than half of the human population lives in a labyrinth of streets, a jungle of buildings, a massive network of roads that favor a certain lifestyle.
Over the time and over different geographical locations. a city may have different definitions here and there but the only constant is: a city is an ecosystem. This is a community of interacting individuals handling physical environment constraints to build-up an inclusive way of life. […]


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Vide Ton Sac
Inside your bag at a glance

Bonus Track
About Nora Says

The Hours
She is her child and she is often called City Girl.
She has some filiation ties with The Mother City that make them attached to each other in many different ways.

In The Mood for Art
From Now On- Huang Hua Chen Solo Exhibition

The city, my muse …

Speak to The World
An artistic project about Street Fashion

Le Corbusier

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