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Photography: Stephane FERRERO

Assistant Photography: Jose Lopes AMARAL

Model: Cici LINA (New Face Management)

Makeup Artist: Leslie Yang

Hair Stylist: Chloe TANG

Stylist: Sanza BULAYA

Location: YUAN RU Gallery Taipei

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Since the beginning, Revver Magazine has been dedicated to blend Fashion with Art.

Two times already the magazine focused on a specific art movement: the Baroque art movement in the Revver issue #2 and the Surrealism art movement for the issue #5. For this issue #16, we have chosen Dada as a theme: a very short art movement in terms of time frame but a very powerful movement that has certainly been the most influential art movement in modern History. No doubt, it has been being a real revolution.

That being said, the challenge was to capture that spirit and to blend it with some fashion inspirations. That is the reason why, when we started brainstorming about which fashion design would best match with Dada, we right away thought about Xi WI, an emergent, creative and somehow crazy Taiwanese fashion designer that we met at Double Check

My challenge as a photographer was to create some compositions that would resonate with Dada and not trying to simply copy them. To me, Dada was a very irreverent art movement and ironically one hundred years later you can find Dada artwork in museums. It’s funny in a way because the Dada movement was against the “sanctification” of art. Therefore, it was “Dadaist” for me to do this photo-shoot in a museum in order to highlight that paradox. For this fashion story named “Looking for Dada”, we asked for the help of the YUAN RU Gallery in Taipei: a new, fresh and beautiful art gallery that we transformed into OUR Dada museum. Space wise, the YUAN RU Gallery was also a perfect option to graphically intensify our creativity based on some Dada artists’ artworks. As a result, our story line is this young woman Cici who is visiting a museum “looking for Dada”. Dada was born 100 years ago, so with confidence and a little bit of nostalgia, Cici is contemplating and celebrating the 100 years anniversary of the Dada art movement. Dada is dead, long life to Dada!