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“Revolted by the butchery of wars, we Revver magazine devoted ourselves to the arts. While the guns rumbled in the distance, we sang, painted, made collages and wrote poems with all our might.”

We borrow this Avant-Garde statement from Hans Arp because activism is almighty. Prolific and subversive activists come forward to urge us to take new perspectives.  100 years ago the Dada art movement was born to provoke a drastic change of perspectives applied to the arts.

In 2018, we want to associate genius spirits with this propaganda because we believe this is where we can make a difference to introduce, explore new forms or subject matter. From Taiwan, we associate Avant-Garde creative movement with the artist Lu FANG and the fashion designer XIWI.  From Paris, we revisit the Dada vibes with the photographer Stephane Mounet and his exquisite virtuosos:  Marie Revelut, Walter Denechere, Stephane Delahaye, Agnes Duchadeau and Stephanie Herbin. From the mainstream culture we dig into music, cinema and design to assess the Dada legacy in our lifestyle references. We are very thankful to the John Cage Trust for their support. It is a great honor to curate such high authority in the Dada art movement, so we also extend our gratitude to Guity Novin, Samantha Hunt and Jonathan Holland for the contribution they have made.

Crafting this issue about Avant-Garde influencers was just another way to declare one more time that Dada is more than only our studio name. For those who know us, indeed Dada is a place in Taipei: a laboratory at the fourth floor of an old building where we experiment blending fashion into art and vice-versa… For those who don’t know us yet, Dada is a statement: in 2018 we remain revolted, the revolution is on the way.


我們藉用(Hans Arp)的這個前衛聲明,因為激進主義是全能的。多產和顛覆活動家出面敦促我們採取新的觀點。一百多年前,達達藝術運動就誕生了,引發了藝術觀念的巨大轉變。

2018年,我們想把天才精神與這種宣傳聯繫起來,因為我們相信這是我們能介紹,探索新形式或主題的地方。來自台灣,我們將前衛創意運動與藝術家盧 昉和時裝設計師張洊瑋聯繫在一起。在巴黎,我們與攝影師StephaneMounet及其精湛的演奏家Marie Revelut,Walter Denechere,Stephane Delahaye,Agnes Duchadeau和Stephanie Herbin從主流文化,我們挖掘音樂,電影和設計,以評估我們的生活方式參考中的達達運動。我們非常感謝John Cage Trust的支持。在達達藝術運動中培養如此高的權威是一種莫大的榮幸,所以我們也要感謝Guay Novin,Samantha Hunt和Jonathan Holland所做的貢獻。