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Photography: Stephane FERRERO

Assistant photography: Chiaco TAMURA

Model: Adriana Tai (New Face Model Management)

Model: Kinga Liu (New Face Model Management)

Makeup artist: Kev Kevin

Hair stylist: Vic Hsu

Stylist: Sanza BULAYA

Location: DADA Studio

Special thanks to Jose & Paul

The Photographer’s word

When I thought about the theme “Muse”, I actually thought about creation and creativity in the first place. In my daily life, creation and creativity are key in terms of visual art. Just like a painter, as a fashion photographer I have my muses… Muses are inspiring, they can influence your creativity and somehow they can impact the directions you may take in creation process. It’s not easy to find some relevant muses or some relevant inspirations. For this fashion story I try to give a tribute to the origins of my inspirations: my Muses. This is literally a challenging process to go through this introspection lookback. I was struggling trying to find a story that makes sense to visually express my inspirations. Suddenly I have the famous movie “BLOW UP” that comes to my mind. In the 1966 Michelangelo Antonioni movie, we follow a young fashion photographer in London. I remember clearly the scene when the main character is shooting a model in his London photo studio: a frenzy scene that shows the interactions and the passion between photographer and model. That movie scene depicts an inspiring relationship between the creator and his muse, that’s why I took it as a starting point for this Revver issue fashion story in order to make a modest tribute to the “BLOW UP” movie. Of course, this is also a way to share with you how I recall certain scenes of that movie. It is all about passion, interactions and relationship between the photographer “Adriana” and her passionate model “Kinga”…