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About Wilfred Y.  
Graduated from Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a degree in Graphic Design, Wilfred Y. is a Los Angeles based Taiwanese American artist whose work consists of ink-pen illustrations, digital illustrations, installations as well as sculptures. Wilfreds work have been exhibited and sold in Los Angeles, Arcadia and Long beach and Culver City.

Wilfred Y.畢業於舊金山藝術大學,擁有平面設計學位,是一位洛杉磯台灣裔美國藝術家,其作品包括墨水筆插畫,數位插畫,裝置以及雕塑。Wilfred Y.的作品曾在洛杉磯,阿卡迪亞,長灘和卡爾弗城展出。

Some of Wilfreds note-worthy accomplishments in recent history include the founding of LTAC Art Collectives in Los Angeles in 2013,   the publication in the UKs Unblock Magazine in 2016, the large scale graphic mural installation in Little Tokyo, the Los Angeles one in 2017, and also, the establishment of the Wilfred Y. brand in 2018. 

Wilfred近期一些值得注意的成就包括2013年在洛杉磯成立LTAC藝術組織,2016年在英國的Unblock雜誌上發表,2017年在洛杉磯小東京的大型圖形壁畫創作裝置藝術,也於2018年成立Wilfred Y.品牌。 

Having lived in New York, Taipei, Yangon, Bangkok and Los Angeles, his traveling and multicultural background are threaded into the colorful narrative of his art. Wilfreds body of work focus on visual representations of a thought process at the same time reflecting various contradictions embedded in a modern culture.


Introduction of the Series: 
/ Free Association /

Work included in this series “Free Association” were created between 2016 and 2018. As a dialogue between the artist’s self and the world, Free Association captures the state of minds in the rapidly changing surrounding environment. Subjectively, the dialogue is about the personal interaction actual places, people and situations. More objectively, it became a voice that interprets various facets of a now inescapable world from media and technologies. When creating the composition of a drawing, the development is as fluid and organic as the sharp and unforgiving lines marked by the ink pen. The spontaneity and uncertainty allow the action of drawing to become an authentic record of a brainstorming process.



Through creating the art within The Free Association series, the process gives birth to impressions and stories of imaginary worlds and characters. When stories in the real world are reinterpreted with Wilfred’s art language, serious subject sometimes matters metaphorically and becomes painted objects. These objects are exemplified by the toilets for the hens in an assembly line in the “Egg Farm,” the deadpan-faced mascots in “Meme Makers,” or the deity-like figure in “Selfie Mike”.  They are all part of a language. This language is composed of motifs that signify and personify consumerism, globalization, emotions and various types of interpersonal relationships.

通過在自由聯想系列中創作藝術,這個過程發想了世界觀以及角色與他的故事。當現實世界中的故事藉由Wilfred的藝術語言來重新詮釋時,有時候嚴肅的主題會受到隱喻並成為繪畫對象。這些元素的例子包括“雞蛋農場”與生產線上的母雞廁所,“Meme Makers”中面無表情的吉祥物,或“Selfie Mike”中的神靈般的形象。它們都是語言的一部分。這種語言主題的構成,詮釋著消費主義、全球主義、情感和各種人際關係。