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Le mot du photographe “Who I am”

As the general theme for REVVER magazine issue 19 was “exist”, I naturally asked myself the question:  How do I, and how do WE exist today, in our post-modern society. Today we exist physically but also more and more digitally, which allows us to have different personalities, different images, and different self. Different egos…

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That led to the question: Who Am I (the title of the fashion story). 
Our Heroine is wandering not physically but mentally. We follow her in her wandering, her quest of herself, just like we are wandering every day, when we walk on the street, when we swipe on our phone apps. How are we when we look at ourselves in the mirror or when we take a selfie, offering our image to the world. Those are the questions asked by the fashion story. 
Our Heroine is, in a way, the Giacometti’s “walking man”. And that is the reason why this fashion story has many references to the body of work of Alberto Giacometti, Swiss sculptor, designated as the most Existentialist artist by Jean Paul Sartre.

Stephane Ferrero

攝影師的話我是誰 Who am I

因為REVVER雜誌第19期的主題是“存在”,所以我自然地問自己一個問題:在後現代社會中,我如何以及我們今天如何存在。今天,我們不僅在物理上而且在影像上也存在,這使我們擁有不同的個性,不同的形象和不同的自我。不同的自我……導致了一個問題:我是誰本期時尚故事的標題我們的女主人公不是在身體上而是在精神上徘徊。我們跟隨著她的腳步,她沉靜自我的要求中,就像我們每天在街上漫步,在滑手機時一樣的徘徊。當我們照鏡子時,或自拍時,向這世界展示我們的形象。這些是時尚故事所提出的問題。從某種意義上說,我們的女主人公是賈科梅蒂的“步行者”。這就是為什麼這個時尚故事中提到瑞士雕塑家Alberto Giacometti的作品的原因,他被讓·保羅·薩特Jean Paul Sartre指定為最存在主義的藝術家

Stephane Ferrero