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Outstanding Designers Showcasing Endless Creativity

Organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), the TFDA is entering its 31st anniversary this year. In order to accelerate the expansion of Taiwan’s international macro design energy and vision, since 2013, overseas students were encouraged to participate to this competition. Professionals in fashion industry, from around the world, have been invited to serve as judges for this Award. This year’s jury is composed by 6 influential professionals who are renowned in international fashion world, including the Japanese designer Dai Fujiwara, the Taiwanese designer Stephane Dou, Anupreet Bhui, WGSN Senior Editor , Tomonori Matsui, ONEO Ltd. CEO, Jane Singer, Inside Fashion Director and Head of Market Intelligence and Charlotte Chiang, Deputy Director of TTF’s Design Department.

「2017 時裝設計新人獎 (Taiwan Fashion Design Award)」已於 11 月 17 日下午 4:00 假松山文創園區盛大舉行,從初賽的二十一國 468 位參賽 者中脫穎而出的 12 位國內外新銳設計師,一同在決賽各展創意巧思,最 後由彭柏碩的作品「首陀羅伏擊」拿下本屆首獎,榮獲美金 1 萬元的高額 獎金,而兩名優勝獎則由楊舜量的作品「權力意志」與賴佑昌的作品「鋼 鐵黑手」分別各獲得美金 5 千元,最佳布料應用、最佳版型運用、以及最 佳商業潛力獎項,分別由邱意鈞、許馨云以及吳展昕並各獲得美金 3 千元。

See you in November 2018!