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SPEAK TO THE WORLD’ is an artistic project that encompasses Photography and Fashion.

If you believe that trends born and die in the street, then a great desire to investigate into the process of self-determination will lead you to such state of mind. The way people style themselves, the way they walk, and the way they are, is “communication”. However, beyond the commercial and consumerist features of fashion, the ambition of this project ‘SPEAK TO THE WORLD’ is to provide some fresh perspectives of fashion and society via some stylish subjects found in the street. The choice of the subjects turned into models follows the same process for picking a ‘muse’. In other words, a choice only motivated by the artistic power to awaken sensitivity and expression through some form of aesthetics absolutely deprived from branding and commercial values from clothing. Here, what makes the subject performance so unique is the capacity they have to pass a message: to speak to the world with few snapshots. Indeed, photography is a beautiful dance that requires a mutual exchange between the subject and the photographer, which also means a true partnership in order to maximize the power of image.

This sharing moment between individuals creates a dialogue and an opportunity for self-determination through the art of photography and the expression of a short message. This is a real opportunity to highlight the language and the communication power using the appearance, but also using writing, drawing, graffiti, calligraphy skills and all others forms of expression freely chosen by our subjects. ‘SPEAK TO THE WORLD’ is an enriching experience that showcases a form of artistic activism for two French residents in Asia interested in the self- determination for Japanese people just by using visuals. Fashion is an art movement and its dynamics in Tokyo is an epiphenomenon categorized as a declaration of love to the World, to Fashion and to Art: ‘SPEAK TO THE WORLD’.