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Inspired by Haruki Murakami novel

Photography: Stephane FERRERO

Designer: Ako BLABLAH

Model: Yuri YOSHIDA

Model: Kaori UGADAWA

Makeup artist: Yuki HABA

Hair stylist: Luna YOSHIKAWA

Stylist: Ako BLABLAH & Sanza BULAYA

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

In collaboration with Ako BLABLAH

Japan has a very special place in my heart since I am a kid. Maybe because of the animes I used to watch, maybe because of the name of Japan itself which means “far away”, maybe because of all the movies I watched when I was a young men willing to become a film director…

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In addition, when I grew my photography skills, I realized that Japan has been home for many amazing photographers who are true influencers such as: Kishin Shinoyama, Daido Moriyama and Araki.

Tokyo has been also ringing a bell in my head as I visited it twice before the preparation of REVVER issue #14. I love that city although I have never experienced living there. As a result, my point of view on that city might not be relevant. When at REVVER Magazine we decided to shoot the fashion story in Tokyo and to make the city the hero of our fashion story, we needed an expert. Well, I guess everybody agrees that the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami is one of them as most of his novels are related to Tokyo. In fact, I have always been a big fan of Murakami, but his stories are very difficult to translate visually speaking. To me, his talent is about the atmospheres he can create and depict. So, for this fashion story inspired by the novel “South of the border, West of the sun”, it is all about Tokyo atmosphere… On a practical level, the preparation of the shooting was challenging because we had to prepare it at distance with the rest of the team based in Tokyo. We wanted to make a Japanese issue, not only by talking about Tokyo but also by working with Japanese people based in Tokyo. That is the reason why our make up artist, hair stylist, models and fashion designer are Japanese Tokyo residents. So, in a sense, this fashion story is not only about Tokyo but this is above of all a fashion story from Tokyo.

It proves one more time that people from different backgrounds and nationalities can work together in the same direction, overcoming communication and cultural challenges.

Stephane FERRERO