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Established in 2016, Ray Chu is a contemporary label which showcases designs inspired by subculture from 80s- 90s and combined with the use of carefully placed cut-outs reveal the intriguing and sexy side of women without being overly provocative. Casual silhouettes and clean cuts unintentionally add to this harmonious contrast. Ray Chu offers a unique sense of aesthetic through his vision focusing on orchestrating the imagination with the most diverting understated details.

Ray Chu 成立於2016年,是一個當代品牌,風格展現的靈感,來自於80-90年代非主流文化的激發,小心翼翼出色的挑起大家的好奇心,並顯露女人性感的一面,但又不過於挑逗。服裝款式偏向休閒,透過剪裁,展現出不經意的俐落感,形成一種協調的反差。Ray Chu 從他洞察的角度來想像,呈現特別的美感品味,和低調的細節設計.。


In the 80’s and in the 90’s, being an underground meant: being out of the mainstream, contrarian, controversial, small by the size, relatively unknown… and provocative. What’s being “underground” for you today? Can we say that “Ray Chu” is an underground label?

在80和90年代,對於地下文化的意思是:非主流、不同於一般人的想法、有話題性、小眾、較不知名、有些爭議的。現在對於你來說, 地下文化是什麼?我們可以稱Ray Chu是一個地下文化類型的品牌嗎?

First, I would say being underground today is still relevant. To me being underground is still a little bit of everything you just said. We cannot distinguish the brand from the designer for example, so the designer, the person behind the creative process, personifies the brand. And of course he/she brings about his/her personality. In my opinion, in “Ray Chu” as a fashion label there is always something mainstream with a mixture of underground or let’s say subculture attitude in my design.

首先,我認為現在對於地下文化的定義,還是有所相似之處。我想,地下文化就像是你所提到的,但我們無法從設計師的個人風格,來對一個品牌下定論。例如: 一個負責發想, 來塑造這個品牌的人,當然會帶入一些自己的風格個性。對於我來說,Ray Chu是個主導潮流的流行品牌,在設計風格裡,混合地下文化,但又有一些次文化的精神。


Can you tell us about some underground movements that have influenced you as a person and as a designer?


Grunge and rave do have an influence on me as a designer, and so does music: especially music genre like indie, techno & electro.

Grunge and rave 影響我成為一個設計師,音樂也是。特別是像是獨立音樂、高科技舞曲和電子樂。


Ray Chu AW17 GLOSS – In general, as a designer, where do your inspirations come from?

Ray Chu AW17 GLOSS- 通常,身為一個設計師,你的靈感來源來自哪裡?

Mostly, my inspirations come from some small things from my daily life or previous experiences or imagination… Sometimes I tell myself: “if I was a girl, what I would like to wear?” If you notice, actually you can see in my collections some pieces that are more genderless. I really try to translate those inspirations in my design.



Art or Imagination? How much Art or Imagination is part of your creative process?

藝術或是想像? 這兩個部分占有你的創作多少成分?

I would say “imagination” works more for me, but I also like to make some deep dive in previous era to revisit History via photography for instance and to dig in the past to understand what was the means of representation used back then. Let’s say it’s a combination of art reference and imagination.

我會覺得"想像"影響我比較多, 但我也喜歡深入研究以前那個時期,以及透過照片來快速深入了解當時的歷史故事,來發現哪些是過去具有代表性意義部分。可以說,這參考了藝術並結合想像。


Art is all about transmission: from inheritance to legacy… if you can choose what will be your legacy, on what aspects would you like to be your footprint?

藝術是一種傳遞:從承襲到傳奇…如果你可以選擇,什麼是你的經典傳奇, 你想要從哪一個面向來成為你停留的痕跡?

I just started this brand on my own and I’m still building up my brand image, which takes time… I don’t see myself yet into that thinking.



What is the most fascinating underground trends / movement you have seen lately in Taiwan?


“Rave” and many others trends from the 90s like “grunge” culture. Indeed people have been starting wearing those neon color either in clothing or accessories for a while here in Taiwan: typically wearing slouchy pants with oversized pockets and dancing on acid house music…  And for the “grunge” culture, it is definitely going on here in Taipei, you can see girls wearing chokers fishnet top or socks, frayed edge denim…

“Rave” 和像是"grunge"很多其他90年代文化的潮流。的確,有一陣子台灣的人們,會開始穿戴螢光顏色的衣服或飾品:有經典的大口袋的窄管褲,聽迷幻浩室跳舞… 那些 "grunge"文化在台北是很常見的,你可以看到女生戴著頸鍊、網狀上衣或網襪、復古仿舊感的單寧….


Why did you choose to be a fashion designer?


There is no specific reason behind the path I have chosen. I feel comfortable doing it and I’m really enjoying doing it.



To you, is the Taiwanese culture “underground”?


Not really sure about it. It really depends from which angle you look at it. I would say, for teenagers or people around my age, yes: we are trying to figure what Taiwanese culture is… Not just those night market things, we are talking about something culture related such as the lifestyle and politics: we want to design the way we live, the streets, the architecture, everything.




For his collection Automn / Winter 2017, Ray Chu stays focusing on understated details with playing with placed grommet and hardware detail and frayed edge hem on denim and poplin. The collection was inspired by the street of humid winter in Taipei.

This season, Ray Chu continues to play with denim with a darker shade of federal blue. With playing on frayed edge and P.P. spray to create a look of soaked pants hem

從他FW17”這季,Ray Chu 保留專注於一些低調的細節,玩些鉚釘材質、金屬配件、洗舊單寧和府綢材質。這一季靈感,來自於冬天潮濕的台北街頭。

這一季,Ray Chu會繼續玩些有較暗色系的藍色單寧,加上那些洗舊邊緣和噴漆,來創造一種濕掉的褲子下擺感覺。