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“The Dream of Being an Artist”
The Dream of Being an Artist is the name of an art exhibition in the “Palais des Beaux-Art” of the city of Lille (France) from September 20th 2019 to January 6th 2020 featuring artist from D’Albrecht Dürer to Marina Abramović. but also Jacques Louis David, Edouard Manet, Frida Kahlo or Jeff Koons …
Behind this exhibition there is an art narrative about the myth of being an artist … Many of us. many around us, are dreaming of being an Artist. To me this raises a key question: What does it takes to be artist in 2019? What are the elements that set artists apart? Is it your art skills? Is it our lifestyle? Are they your beliefs or your passion is the number of followers you have on social media or is your capacity to translate some emotions into a media to engage an audience. I’m still questioning myself a […]

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Fashion Story – Who Am I?

Monumental Women – Qin Guo

In The Mood For Art – Free association by Wilfried Y.

Trends – Why pop-up stores are in fashion?

Collages – Masks by Cathy Brunet

Street’s eyes – Reaching for people by Chiara Ferrante

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