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Revver #13 – Muses


In the Greek mythology, the Muses are celebrated and adored for being the personification of immaculate Beauty… As the Muses were born from the union of Zeus and Mnemosyne, they were regarded as superior from many aspects: performing Arts, inspiring artists…
The Muses are literally associated to a surreal conception of Beauty and Art… Hesiod the Greek poet revealed the personification of the Muses in his artwork by describing 9 fabulous “women” that had specific attributes that made each one of them a fascinating source of inspiration…

繆斯是一個超現實的美學和藝術的概念。Hesiod希臘詩人揭示了繆斯在他的作品中的擬人化描述9個神話般的“女人”,具有特定的屬性,使每個人都是一個迷人的來源靈感… […]

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A tribute to our muses from #1 to #12

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