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In the Greek mythology, the Muses are celebrated and adored for being the personification of immaculate Beauty… As the Muses were born from the union of Zeus and Mnemosyne, they were regarded as superior from many aspects: performing Arts, inspiring artists…

The Muses are literally associated to a surreal conception of Beauty and Art… Hesiod the Greek poet revealed the personification of the Muses in his artwork by describing 9 fabulous “women” that had specific attributes that made each one of them a fascinating source of inspiration…

In our Revver journey, we have been enchanted to meet immaculate Beauties that have personified our Arts inspirations into photographs. Encountering such powerful determined and intelligent young women has been a great source of inspiration for us.

Our Muses have been a great revelation to capture and to translate young talented women respective aspirations in Asia. Being close to those Muses during shootings and collaborations has been our contemporary conception of crafting and sharing Aesthetics, Arts and Passion with extraordinary young women.






我們的繆斯是一個偉大的啟示,年輕有才華的女性 。在拍攝和合作期間接近那些繆斯一直是我們當代的構思和分享美學,藝術和激情與非凡的年輕女性的概念。