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EDITO by Sanza BULAYA, translation by Chiaco TAMURA


Behind the city.


There was a consensus on what was a fashion capital even before Revver was born. More than a shopping center, it’s a unique place that makes a perpetual statement about art, lifestyle and people.

Paris, New York, London, Milan and of course Tokyo… Fashion cities? Or should I say cities that make art in fashion?

We aimed at revisiting this out-fashioned concept of “fashion capital city” that possibly overlooks number of places with people demonstrating new abilities to capture the best of a time and a place to set new trends. Let’s start with the basics: so we decided to go on the ground and to meet with the city. The truth is, behind the city you have much more, so in this issue #14 we showcase our findings.

Tokyo, thank you for showing us the best of you: your mood, your atmospheres, your desires, your people.

Thank you for having us.



Revver 誕生前、そこにはすでに誰もが知るファッションの都がありました。それは、ショッピングセンターよりももっと 永続的な場所アート、ライフスタイル、人々。

パリ、ニューヨーク、ロンドン、ミラノ そしてもちろん東京。。。これらの都市は、ファッションの都、それともファッションが創り出すアートの都。。。?

私たちは、今回改めて新鮮な目でファッションを超えた何かを求めそれはきっと新たな時間と場所と人から創り出される可能性。そして、それは新たなトレンドへと。さあ始めましょう。東京での新たな出会いを我々、Revver issue #14 と共に。