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Photography: Stephane FERRERO

Photography assistant: Chiaco TAMURA

Model: Ju-HUNG

Makeup artist / Hair stylist: Hikari CHANG

Stylist: Sanza BULAYA

Clothing: Jamei CHEN

Location: Lezard Studio Taipei

Special Thanks to SJ & Sherry Lu

The photographer’s word

After the challenging issue #9 dedicated to War, in this issue #10 dedicated to Peace, the fashion story was not less challenging, as we had to shoot the Peace concept.

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The idea was to work on the theme of “inner peace”. At the very early stage, we chose to shoot some iconic characters that can obviously personify the “inner peace”: the Nurse – the healing Peace, the Mother – the loving Peace, the Angel and the Holy Mary represented as a spiritual Queen – the spiritual Peace.

The more I was thinking about that concept, the more I was drawn into the Renaissance-painting universe. The Renaissance Arts is very linked to spirituality and has been very inspiring for this particular fashion story. As a tribute to the Renaissance masters, I shot my “Annunciation”, which has been the most represented scene in Renaissance-painting universe. In addition, some references to Botticelli are also hidden in our fashion story…


Dona Nobis Pacem / Give us peace

Pax vobiscum / May peace be with us

Crux sancta sit mihi lux / Let the Holy cross be my light

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