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Collages – PHOEBE VAL

< About Phoebe Val >

The creator of the collaged-tear pictures. Her works mostly surrounding by different characters, add with painterly linear-collage creations on variety of mediums.

< Introduction of works >

What is Turman

“Truman”is about the existence of the structure that between the protagonist and the audience.

“One day, we will find out that we so-called the existence is only a synonym of an illusion. We are simply just the Truman under somebody’s eyeballs; In the presence of such a structure, we are both the protagonist and the audience. The silent expansion and the compact story blur the absolute relation between them; Our thoughts are trod down in a world full of flaws, thickening our impervious relationship. In the end, we lost in the other side of the world.”

 <About  Phoebe Val  >

  < Introduction of works>


” Truman ” 關於主角與觀眾間的存在結構 。