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達人專訪 / Krystsina Zima


 Born in Belarus 1977.

 Got a degree in fashion design at the Institute of modern Knowledge (Minsk, Belarus) in 2001.

Moved to Taiwan in 2004.

Worked for ODBO company as a designer.

Started her own line in 2012.








Being a designer in Taiwan is not easy but at the same time it’s very exciting…

Not easy because Taiwanese designers are very outstanding and creative. They are also very hardworking and follow their dream without concerning about food or money. They are always hungry, and they always looking for new ideas.

But I also feel exciting to be part of this community of people because I love Taiwan, and this place has inspired me a lot: night markets, the ocean, the mountains… and of course the people.






If you have to pick a place to go in summer, which places will it be?

If I have to pick up a place to go for summer vacation… Hahaha! I can’t choose one because I haven’t travelled a lot so there are so many places to visit I would like to explore. I think Japan will definitely be one of those places. In my opinion, Japanese designers are really amazing, I love their style and I would like to see more of them and their inspirations.



Please describe how summer time looks like in your country?

Summer in Belarus is awesome but… too short. Hahaha It is the season when we finally can wear dresses and enjoy colors. A lot of outfits are really eye-catching and sophisticated. We are also very much patriotic and we wear a lot of local brands or handmade clothes. We are all in love with linen, a textile that is produced in Belarus. In fact all girls have sawing classes at school so most of Belarusian women can make some easy skirts or dresses. No matter how much we love sunny weather, we are still a little bit modest in terms of fashion. You cannot see people wearing super short or sexy garment in public. I think the elegance is in our blood hahaha!




你不會看到人們穿着超短超性感衣服在公共場所。我認為優雅在我們的血液裡 哈哈哈!

What are the three things you like the most about summer?

3 things I like the most in summer are dresses, white T-shirt, ice cream and cold coffee.

Dresses because for me a woman in dress is always a story behind. Sometimes I do, People watching… I think every dress can tell a story about her owner. And I love to read it.

White T-shirt-just because it is comfortable and can match anything. And it is always look clean!!!

Ice cream and coffee-oh, how to live without it!


夏天我最喜歡的三件事 洋裝 白色T恤,冰淇淋和冷咖啡。

洋裝,因為對我而言 穿著洋裝的女人背後都有一個故事。有時候,我做什麼,人們看著……我覺得每件衣服可以告訴一個關於她的主人的故事。我喜歡讀它。



In terms of design, how summer influences your creativity?

For me, summer style has to be very natural and minimalistic. I focus on some light touches and proportion play.

For example, I would say that sleeveless dresses, pleated skirts, loose cut, are my tailoring inspiration. Then, my color palette is white, blue navy, floral motif. Fabric wise, cotton, silk and linen have my preference… but I do love denim as well!



例如,我要說的是無袖洋裝,百褶裙,寬鬆 的剪裁,是我的裁缝靈感。然後,我的調色板是白色的,海軍藍,花卉圖案。布料方面,我喜好棉,絲和亞麻……但我也愛單寧的!