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達人專訪 / Jade Chiu


Finding herself with a new graphic design degree and a “dot com” job in Silicon Valley, Jade Chiu soon understood that ignoring her fashion design instincts wouldn’t be an option. So she bought a one-way ticket to NYC and immersed herself into studying fashion and accessories at FIT and

Parson’s School of Design.

Since then, New York based Taiwan-native, Chiu, has contributed to the studios of Anna Sui, L.A.M.B., DVF, and BabyPhat. She is self-taught and combines all of her art/ graphic / accessory and fashion background, to creating

her new jewelry line.

Succumbing to her long-held dream of creating accessories around Eastern zodiac animals, Jade launched the “Fusion Lovers” line in 2009. Skin, chain, and crystal combined in mini-sets of accessories that revolve around Jade’s playful imaginings of the styles, muses, networks, status, and styles of her 12 zodiac dolls.

In 2011, Jade delved deeper into zodiac identities with “Fused Babes.” A pop surrealism jewelry line of stunningly imaginative fashion-art pieces, the jewelry personifies and animalizes expressions and features of the face.

In 2012, she was chosen for a fashion show opening in Paris, with the launch of “Zodiac12” collection, the eyes of world-renowned stylists, editors, and photographers are on her.  Her pieces have been picked by Italian Vogue, i-D UK, and Shinsegae campaign and

continue to set global trends.

In 2013, Jade was involved in some jewelry design with the brand Vivienne Westwood.

從小就愛創作及標新立異的 Jade ,秉著對fashion 的執著與夢想,隻身前往美國,勇闖紐約的時尚界,在少數華人可立足的紐約時尚圈裏,憑藉著中西結合的原創,運用金屬,皮革,水晶為原素的前衛


獨特的時尚風格,突顯個性的手工飾品,得到世界知名雜誌及造型師的喜愛推崇。今年更被時尚界最尊崇的指標網站not just a label 選為世界最有潛力的新興設計師之一。成為台灣第一個原創珠寶飾品


StartFragment 2009年9 月, Jade Chiu 以同名發表以12生肖娃娃為主軸的飾品 ,以紐約為遊樂場,中國文化融合西方美學的薰陶,12生肖娃娃有她們的繆思,出沒場所,交友狀況,照型風格,夾持12獸的態度,12組high fashion 的訂制皮飾品及頭

飾,具高貴凌人氣勢, 為名媛藝人所愛。

2011年, Jade Chiu又將對生肖的揣摩,潛入更深意識的呈現,一系列的原創珠寶飾品,集合現代超現實想像的時尚藝術型態,在2012年巴黎的秀展裏開啟國際知名度,順利打入歐美亞洲及中東國家市



Vivienne Westwood的。

 Could you please introduce yourself very briefly?


 I am a futuristic cultural designer born in Taiwan and I moved to the United States in the 90’s. I have been working on my own brand since 2009. I currently reside in New York city. I am going back and forth to Asia every year, my brand also picked by “Not just a label” in 2013 / 2014 as top 100 emerging designers in the world.

 我的名字是Jade,我是一位具文化未來感的設計師,出生於台灣並留學美國,我自2009年便創作自己的牌.目前居住紐約,時常來回亞州,也是”not just label” 2013/2014 世界百大設計新秀。

Who are your best surrealist influencers and why?


 Bjork is my favorite surrealist influencer…

In her music video, fashion art styling, make up, hair, in her powerful voice, her conceptual visual elements, all the aspects of her whimsical presentation.  It speaks to my soul, it inspires my artistic creativity emotionally, it really provokes my ability to create more possibility with infinite


Bjork,她的音樂影片,她藝術時尚的造型,化妝,髮型, 俱有爆發力的唱腔,概念性視覺的元素,各方位呈現如此異想天開之多變,靈與魂的親密對話,激發我的藝術創作情感,挑釁了我的創作思維,以無限的想像空間創造更多的可能性。

When and in which circumstances did you hear about Surrealism for the very first time?


 I heard about Surrealism in Taiwan when I was 17, it was some special introduction on the newspaper, an introduction of Dali’s artwork, and I was amazed by the sophisticated dreamy structure.

 我第一接觸是在17歲的時候,透過報紙敘述Dali 的畫,而此理念的精密複雜夢境結構令我驚豔.

 Can you give 3 words of what is being “surreal” for you today?

你可以用3個形容詞來說明你心中的 “超現實”嗎?

 Juxtaposition, chaos, quirky…


Where can we buy your jewellry design creation?


jadechiu.com / not just a label.com

If I say Fashion in NYC… What do you picture in your mind?


Dead-end or never ending story…


How do you turn this surreal inspiration into your creation and artwork?


Using the medium of melting wax to create a stunning intricate jewelry piece with an abstract dreamy alike form: I see sculpting wax as a story telling of old earth texture in an modern edgy high fashion approach. The abstract melting surface is a surreal statement of the beauty of imperfection, the asymmetrical, Goth with fluidity, emotion, and intuition They are the dreamy take of the reality.

My reconstructed  doll painting series is water color painting with multimedia medium, from magazine, to founded objects, in a collage and twisted surreal imagination with authentic story telling in an appealing and graphic way.

採用製作珠寶的熔蠟手法創作一個驚豔複雜的藝術品,抽象與夢幻的形式:雕刻蠟形的地老球紋理在一個現代前衛時尚方式, 禪訴故事。抽象融化表面的缺陷之美,其不對稱,哥特風與流動性,情緒的一種超現實的說法和直覺, 是現實的夢境般起飛。


Could you please introduce your artistic concept?


Making fusion designs by using futuristic culture as a concept to connect time and space, using my knowledge and aesthetics of culture, fashion, art, sensation and intuition for the future trend.  Then, I practice it, design it, and shape it, into a creation of jewelry form or practical accessories products. At the end, everything becoming an enlightenment,  a strong statement and expression of confidence and energy.

融合未來和文化的概念來連結過去與現代, 時間以及空間,用我對文化,時尚, 藝術,的感官和美學, 對未來流行概念的直覺, 實踐, 設計, 塑造,創作珠寶 或實際的飾品,  在最後一切都成為一個啟示,表達信心和能量的強烈聲明。

If I say Art in NYC…What do you picture in your mind?

你會如何形容在紐約的”藝術” ?

Meltingpot and “We are the world”

世界指標 …

If I say Taiwanese in NYC…What do you picture in your mind?

你會如何形容在紐約的”台灣人” ?

Extinction? “You are not alone”


If I say Newyorker in Taiwan…What do you picture in your mind?

你會如何形容在台灣的 “紐約客” ?

“Suffocated? “Call me maybe “