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達人專訪 Fabitoria / TALK

Fabiana and Victoria are both graduated from Shih Chien University. They founded FABITORIA in 2012 and name it from both parts of their names, FABITORIA = Fabiana + Victoria.

 Initially it was two designers creating a wild, fun and quirky world to satisfy their imaginations. Their creations soon get attentions from different fashion bloggers and press around the world.

They combine traditional with modern and combine the western beauty with the eastern art. And with their imagination, they bring a great and distinctive impact to the fashion industry.

 Fabiana和Victoria皆從實踐大學畢業 他們在2012年創立FABITORIA並從他們的名字各取一部分 命名


他們結合傳統與現代 與東方藝術結合西方之美 並用自己的想像力 他們帶給時尚界一個偉大而獨特的影響

Creativity There’s really no limitation for it.


East  Part of our culture and everything we create is inspired by it.


West  It’s somewhere we find it really charming and we try to take inspiration from there and combine it with what’s already in us.

我們發現它真的很迷人 我們試圖從那裡汲取靈感 然後與我們自身已有的結合

Asia   People always thought they know everything about it, but it’s so huge and full of content that it always surprise you with more!

人們總以為他們知道一切 但它是如此龐大而豐富 它總是能讓你大吃一驚

Rebellion A power to change what’s wrong.


Challenge Something we faced everyday but never get tired of it.

挑戰 我們每日會遇到的的東西 但永遠不會厭倦

Fashion An attitude. A way to express us being us.

一種態度 一種方式來表達我們之所以是我們

Lifestyle Lifestyle is a way to translate the personality traits of a person.

生活方式 展現一個人的人格特質的一種方式

Taiwan Taiwan is a controversy place filled with kind people and beautiful culture.


 Shanghai A melting pot. When you go there, half of the people are not from China.

大熔爐 當你去那裡 一半的人不是來自中國

 Woman We love being a woman and we love the woman we are becoming right now.

我們愛當 女人 我們愛當 現在的女人

 Money We got a mix-feeling about it. Love it, but hate it at the same time.

我們有混合的感覺 對它又愛又恨

 Society Individuals connected and share bits of one to another.


 Art We enjoy the process of creating artwork. To us, FABITORIA is art.

我們享受創造藝術的過程 對我們來說 FABITORIA就是藝術

 Revver gathers all creative minds and translates them into words and pictures. We need more people like this!

Revver 據集所有有創意的人才 並將其轉化為文字和圖片 我們需要更多這樣的人

 Fabitoria Fabian and Victoria. Us, it’s us.

Fabian and Victoria  就是我們

 Future The best is yet to come.


 War War makes things different. Some good; mostly bad.

戰爭使事情變得不同 有些好事 但大多數是壞事

Success  Success is a significant motivator for us.