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達人專訪 / 8enny Lin


Personally, I like to have a certain state of mind to make some observations about the city environment. It’s a real process to focus on details, to pay attention to the city pace, its tempo, its people, their lifestyle, their interactions… I have the feeling that I connect with this community because I spend time to examine each element that makes a city an organized small world with its own codes and rules. I view the city as a microcosm where I can do some research to fuel my perceptions and my design skills using different colors or fabrics in my creation process. This is how I like to work, my city is my muse.


My inspiration
My family is from Taipei so I have grown up here in the city. Actually, when I look back I realized that I have been always living in a city and never elsewhere. I guess it has a huge impact on the person I am today. When you live in such urban environment it’s difficult not being part of it because in the end, each individual makes the city with his her lifestyle.My main inspiration for my design work comes from different elements surrounded me on my daily life. Obviously, we are shaped and influenced by the environment where we are live in, so the city has clearly an influence on my creativity.

If I were a city, I would be…
As I said, I only know Taipei. This where I belong for so long time so it’s really difficult for me to consider any other place. In addition, I haven’t really lived abroad in other city so it’s quite challenging for me to have a benchmark in terms of place or people. At the end of the day, I would be Taipei because this all I am.

An artist in the city…
For every artist, the creation process is coming from the things we can experience. So I believe this is inextricably related to the life we have. Sometimes what makes our existence a life is what we have or what we would like to have and these perspectives affect our thoughts. When this little seed is planted in the artist brain, the environment where we are can nurture it and no doubt that the city is then a great source of inspiration. The city is a sort of muse that can have different sense of beauty or aesthetics to reveal different state of mind. When you turn that into design, it brings new possibilities to be expressed. For every artist I believe that makes a unique chance to propose a personal and unique relationship to city interactions.



在城市的藝術家… / 藝術家在城市裡