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時尚故事 / Silent Room


Photography : Stephane Ferrero
Assistant photography : Chiaco Tamura
Model : Kate Nevolova (V&L International)
Makeup : Hikari Chang
Hair Stylist : Liren Wei @ Flux Reel
Stylists : Gemma Vidal / HaeMin Na
Special Thanks to Sanza Bulaya & SJ

S I L E N T   R O O M

As soon as we knew we would work with Marimekko’s latest collection for our fashion story, at Revver we started to think about the proper way to shoot it as a comprehensive fashion story. Marimekko is a colorful and home oriented brand therefore, we wanted to enhance

those characteristics.

At that point when we thought about Edward Hopper, what came to our mind were coldness and loneliness in the city. It was the perfect topic that would allow us to play with

Hopper’s atmospheres.

Our main character is a lonely woman, maybe waiting for her love, strolling in her “home”, fighting the hours by wearing colorful clothes in her silent apartment, her silent room…

Then we imagined a location that would feel like a “home”. VVG Boutique Hotel was the

perfect location in Taipei for that project.

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