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時尚故事 / Manifesto

Back in Art school, I used to be familiar with Surrealism movement. When we decided at Revver to build a Fashion story related to Surrealism, I was first very excited… But soon, I realized that it would not be so easy. Surrealism is Art made by intellectuals which means as well that Surrealism is all about concepts.

How to translate those concepts in today’s fashion context? How to combine the different elements of Surrealism movement to articulate a fashion story with those concepts?

 First, I had to look back at the works of the masters of Surrealism such as Dali of course, but also Man Ray and Magritte. Visually in terms of imagery, “collages” were very appealing, and I also found some inspiration into two masterpieces of Rene Magritte that reflect Surrealism essence: “Les amants” and “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. With these materials we started to think about a framework for our fashion story. I suddenly remembered that I had the book “Manifesto of Surrealism” at home. That was it! Our fashion story is made as a short visual manifesto of Surrealism, but obviously, more like a tribute the movement and the masters…



首先,我回顧了一些超現實主義大師的作品,包括達利(Dali)、曼·雷(Man Ray)與瑪格麗特(René Magritte)。在視覺想像上,「拼貼」非常富有魅力,我也在兩幅馬格利特的大作–「愛侶」(Les amants)與「這不是一支煙斗」(Ceci n’est pas une pipe)中,摸索出一些超現實主義的精髓。我們以這些材料為出發點,架構我們的時尚故事。我忽然想起我家裡有一本書叫「超現實主義宣言」…就是這個!我們的時尚故事視覺便是由超現實主義發展出來–或者說得更貼切點–是一席祭品,向超現實運動及大師們致敬。

Stephane Ferrero