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專題藝術 / Stars

Colors reflect the most primitive and intuitive sense in my creations. I carve out a promising career as an artist by observing the riotous profusion of creatures in the sunlight and feeling the profound sense of existence in the earth. In the Wild Fire series, the flaming red color symbolizes my inherent power of creation, with which I attempt to nestle up against a more internalized experience and inquiry amidst composition and physical energy in the linear yet intricate course of time. The themes of my previous works were closely interconnected with the power of animating. The presence and transformation of the materials in those works rested upon the energy provided by the sun. Nevertheless, I set out on an utterly disparate journey when creating the Stars series. The series conveys a sense of profundity with a gloomy hue, demonstrating the shift of my focus from earth and sunlight to the consolation offered by the shimmering stars.

Indeed, my life ushered in a whole new stage with the birth of my baby. I feel a delicate connection to nature when every time I have its warm breath against my chest. In the still of night when I am temporarily spared from the stimuli provided by the new life, I tend to look up at the sky, pondering on the mystery of life. The tranquility of the world in the night prompts people to meditate beneath the immense expanse of the firmament. Previously, I expected the arrival of a new life in a manner as pure, wild and intuitive as the riveting galaxies that are ablaze with brightly shining stars in the early pieces of my Stars series. The marvelous part is that the stars I continue to paint after the birth of my baby exhibit a subtle touch of humility to life and the universe. It implies that fatherhood is for me a journey into the unknown which I hold in awe. The bright starlight is shrouded with layers of gloomy hues. The stark contrast between the real and the virtual makes everything graceful and gentle. Different from the strong and saturated colors in my other series, the world depicted in Stars shows a greater sense of fluidity. The deep blue background serves as the perfect foil for the ethereal, vast and all-encompassing universe, which immerses me in the composition where I appreciate the precious lives in awe of their beauty.

My wife used to discuss Carl Jung with me, sharing her idea about how the psychologist was connected with Occultism. It is quite intriguing that Jung was the pioneer who introduced the oriental Mandala into the Western culture. He not only comprehended the microcosmic life structure symbolized by Mandalas, but also soothed the anxiety over the state of his quotidian existence by drawing Mandalas personally. Utilizing the scientific training he received from the academia, Jung also devoted himself to studying the ancient system of Western astrology. Although oriental metaphysics, psychology and astrology are all Greek to me, I feel real empathy for Jung and his search for inner sustenance in Occultism. Throughout my career as a painter, I have been reflecting my satisfactions and regrets in the world I created with my brushes. I depict the natural rhythm of life that can be found in the sunlit spaces where my reflections on the strength of life converge. In the Stars series, I create the vast starlit sky with superimposed strokes of ball-point pens. The halo around each star is nothing more than a dot that gives prominence to the whitespace inside it, which nonetheless exudes the charm of a flickering star. Gazing at the hazy night scene, the viewers may not only stretch their imagination in a relaxed and intuitive manner, but also find the elements constituting the scene all interconnected. Whether these flickering stars form a galaxy or a constellation, they all calmly radiate a magical aura of life, and meanwhile embody the adage: Times change, and we change with them. They are strongly reminiscent of Mandalas hanging high up in the sky, echoing the perpetuation of life amidst the real and the virtual as well as amidst birth and demise.




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