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十一月號「城市實驗室」 / Edito November 2014



根據統計有54%的人類居住在城市裡。有超過一半的人口居住在街道的迷宮裡,叢林般的建築, 大規模的道路網絡, 因此有利於某種生活方式。在時間和在不同的地理位置,一個城市可能有不同的定義,在這裡和那裡,但唯一不變的是:城市是一個生態系統。這是個體相互影響的社會, 也因此集體生活產生包容性的生活方式。


我把城市視作為一種生態系統。然而,是什麼讓這個生態系統可行呢?是它的能力和韌性,來保持生活資源,住宅和居民之間複雜的關係的生活平衡。這是由一位最有影響力的建築師之一勒·柯布西耶 (Le Corbusier)所提出,經過測試及實驗的哲學。這ㄧ期的Revver我們將要與你們分享從建築者的角度來看城市概念和規劃。


一個生態系統中的每個元素都是一個重要的功能單位,它使社會可以持續發展。在一個城市中,個人和社會有舉足輕重的作用。為了檢視城市和居民之間的相互影響,我們訪問到了有影響力的人(設計師Benny Lin 和搖滾樂團Nora Says), 讓我們來看看這個城市為他們的創作帶來多少靈感。


生活在某個地方就是經歷著一種生活方式。生活在某個地方也同樣是帶來自己的ㄧ部份, 當可能時, 挑戰, 重塑及改造這個社會。這個計畫透過 “世界聽我說-街頭潮人“&“時人搜密“來呈現, 在這一期我們稱之為城市實驗室。

 一個實驗室是我們用材料來進行實驗和觀察及評估結果和報告的地方。在這第三期的Revver,也就是因為我們是這54%居住在城市的居民,所以我們為你們介紹台北這個實驗室, 重新審視這個城市的願景:城市實驗室。

 City Lab

 I live in a city.

Apparently, according to statistics, 54% of the human population lives in a city. More than half of the human population lives in a labyrinth of streets, a jungle of buildings, a massive network of roads that favor a certain lifestyle.

Over the time and over different geographical locations, a city may have different definitions here and there but the only constant is: a city is an ecosystem. This is a community of interacting individuals handling physical environment constraints to build-up an inclusive way of life.

 We are the city.

I see the city as a sort of ecosystem. Therefore, what makes an ecosystem viable? This is its capacity and its resilience to sustain life balance cycle with complex set of relationship among the living resources, habitats and residents of an area. This is a philosophy that was developed, tested and experienced by one of the greatest architect influencer Le Corbusier. We share with you in this issue a retrospective on city conception and planning from a ‘builder’ perspective.

 They live in a city.

Each elements of an ecosystem is a key function unit that enables the sustainability of the community. In a city, the individual and the community have a pivotal role. To elevate the examination influence of the mutual influence between the city and the people, we met influential people to determine how much the city is a source of inspiration in their respective production. To conduct this research, we asked to the designer Benny Lin and the music band Nora Says to talk about their daily life to better understand the implications of the city as an influencer.

 They are the city.

Living somewhere is experiencing a lifestyle. Living somewhere is also bringing something from what we are to challenge, to reshape, to reinvent when possible the great idea of all humans to live together as a community. This project is documented here with Speak To The World & Vide Ton Sac projects that are some observations that we store in the issue that we call the city lab.

 A laboratory is a material resource to conduct experiences and observations, to assess results and report findings. For this third issue, just because we are some of the 54% population living in a city, we present you Taipei city as a laboratory to revisit the city vision that we have: City Lab.