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創刊號「蕊」 / Edito July 2014

The BUD issue
by Sanza Bulaya, Editor in Chief

Botany is a wonderful and noble science of plant biology. What has always been amazing for me is the fact that biology is a tangible science. Something that we can approach in the daily life because there is a little of biology in everything we are as living creatures, or in everything surrounded us in the nature.

When you look at botany, you look at how and where a seed can be planted, where this seed can mature to become a plant, then, how this plant can reveal its vegetal power and finally, how fast this creature can die. It is most important to notice that this life cycle is everything we are.

We were born from a seed, then like a BUD, nourished with culture and education, but also nurtured by family love for the most privileged of us. Indeed we mature little by little with emotions and sensitivity shaped by the life experiences we embrace every day. In the end, same as plants, we fade away. Like it or not, life is just a cycle…

 Revver is one dynamic of this life cycle that has started like a little BUD coming from a little seed. That little fragile seed has been composed of an irresistible commitment to engage people with fashion and art to share our vision of creativity that encompasses various manifestations of culture.

Originally, “revver” is defined as something that accelerates the speed of a revolution. This is that momentum that we use to deliver a media that increases the speed of change in fashion creation, with an artistic touch blended with different cultural flavors. In this BUD issue, we shock your tranquility to start our ‘revver’ movement.

In this first issue, to rev this momentum we look at the Minimalism revolution. We believe that the idea to simplify design was one of the most minimal ways to get to fashion creativity to set a trend. The design miniaturization concept “Mini” push the boundaries of fashion dynamics to affect various industries such as car automotive, or some other areas like clothing, lifestyle and society through the liberalization of the woman condition in the 70’s in Europe.

The Revver BUD issue is also a vantage point to see other BUDS flourishing. We strongly believe that Monsieur PT is one of these Taiwanese BUDS in fashion industry ecosystem; we see in Stephane Ferrero a botanist who specializes in unique hybrid species of projects involving fashion and art.

 In this hot and humid summer season in Asia, we share what we are, who we are: a little BUD that needs to be nurtured with sun and water… Please, bring us more sun and water!


譯者/ 陳昕昀




Revver 是這輪生命循環中的推進器,從一枚微小的芽蕊開始,我們將從中分享藝術與時尚方面跨文化的創見。綜合藝術性與文化性的 Revver,將導出引領時尚的動力。換言之,創刊號「蕊」定會顛覆你的世界。


Revver 也提供一個觀察其他「芽蕊」綻放的絕佳平台。我們強烈地相信 M. PT 是台灣時尚生態圈中,一粒值得期待的「芽蕊」。我們在 Stephane Ferrero 身上看到一位混種植物學家—只是他混的不是真的植物,而是時尚與藝術!