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八月號「Solstice」 / Edito August 2015

A solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each year as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. The solstices and the equinoxes are connected with the seasons.

 “Summer” is at the corner… The solstice marks the onset of summer, at the time of the longest day and at the time of the shortest night. This is a great seasonal transition when light is changing, affecting our way of living and influencing some artistic process making by playing with day light, night light, fabrics, garments and moods.

 Of course, I made a promise to myself to look beyond the unorthodox world of Fashion and I intend to stick by it. But… the path to perdition is paved with good intentions. So here goes. Summertime, from my childhood memories in Montpellier (France), was a season when the passage of time was marked by afternoon at the beach and parties during the short nights… In this issue this is the vibe we want to share to revive our best summertime memories.

“Long” day light means more time for outdoor activities so that is the reason why we choose to present an outdoor fashion story in collaboration with the designer John Yuyi and her swimming suits collection.

 “Short” night means more parties and mixed feelings as long as emotions are involved… Working with great models such as Normanita and Rebecca is another privilege of this adventure we have been taking for one year by launching our Fashion & Art activities. The initial goal was to use an outdoor night shooting setting as a context to depict human nature complexity in terms of feelings and emotions.

 “Time” is wealth and this is the most precious resource that we have. After a year of sharing with all of you our inspirations and reflections, we reaffirm through this issue that at Revver magazine: our principles defines us.

  “Ideas” are not only inspirations, but they are also an exciting journey that we can take with influencers in the name of passion.

 “Collaborative initiative” is part our DNA. Because we believe in the fascinating power of a committed community, we were honored to be associated to Fidelio to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. We thank all of you for being part of that moment that is a love declaration and we invite you to save the date for the next Fidelio events.

 “Etiquette” is something defined as a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. The question I am asking is: how many etiquette do we have and why?

All I know is, things are uncertain and constantly changing over the course of time. Solstice is a powerful reminder to be aware that etiquette are ephemera, so do we… Let’s enjoy the short nights!

 【天】至日是屬天文事件, 即每年會發生兩次, 意旨隨著太陽到達其最高或最低點, 相對於在天球上的天體赤道。至日和晝夜平分點都與四季相連接。

“S”(summer…) 夏天正在拐角處…夏至標示著夏季的來臨, 這天是屬一年之中最長的白晝以及最短的夜。這是一個偉大的季節轉換, 當光線的變化, 影響我們的生活方式, 以及影響一些利用把玩日光、夜光、布料、服裝和心情的藝術型態處理之過程。

 “O”(of course…) 當然, 我對自己做了一個承諾, 要跳脫正統的框架來看時尚, 並且我打算堅持這個原則。但…這個走向毀滅的途徑其實盡是鋪滿了善意。那麼就從這說起吧。夏季, 從我在蒙彼利埃Montpellier (法國) 的童年記憶裡, 這是一個時間迴廊被午後的海邊以及派對於短夜 所佔據的季節…在這期的雜誌中, 這正是我們想要分享的氛圍, 來重振我們最好的夏季回憶。

“L”(long…) 長日光意味著擁有更多的時間進行戶外活動, 所以這就是為什麼我們選擇呈現一個戶外時尚的故事, 與設計師John Yuyiand合作, 一同呈現她的泳衣系列設計。

 “S”(short…) 短夜意味著更多的派對以及感情交集, 只要情緒有全程參與的話…與如此優秀的模特兒像是Normanita跟Rebecca一同工作則是這趟冒險的另一項殊榮, 透過我們的時裝和藝術活動我們已經推出了一年。最初的目標是利用室外夜景拍攝設置, 作為一個上下文, 去描繪在感情和情緒方面人性的複雜性。

 “T”(time…) 時間就是財富, 這是我們所擁有最寶貴的資源。經過一年與你們分享我們的啟示和反思後, 我們透過這期在Revver雜誌中重申: 我們的原則定義我們。

 “I”(ideas…) 點子不僅是靈感而已, 它們也是一個令人興奮的旅程, 可以讓我們以熱情的名義與影響者一同共享的旅程。

 “C”(collaborative initiative…) 合作倡導是我們一部分的DNA。因為我們相信一個堅定的社群的迷人力量, 我們很榮幸與Fidelio接聯, 慶祝我們第一個週年創刊日。我們感謝你們所有人成為那一刻的一份子, 這是一個愛的宣言, 並且我們邀請你, 保留下一個與Fidelio共同慶祝的日子。

 “E”(etiquette…) 禮節是定義行為準則的核心, 根據在現代化社會下的傳統規範、社會階層或集團, 其描繪出對社會行為的期望。我所提出的問題是: 我們擁有多少的禮節? 以及 為什麼? 我只知道, 事情是處在不確定的狀態並且不斷隨著時間的過程變化著。【天】至日是一個強大的提醒者, 要知道, 禮節猶如蜉蝣, 我們也是…就讓我們享受短暫的夜吧!

 Sanza Bulaya – Editor in Chief

Translation :  Cor.C