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九月號「巴洛克」 / Edito September 2014

The Baroque issue

Being Baroque is it still cool today? When you think of something Baroque, it refers to an artistic movement that was developed in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, from Italy, and in most of Europe and Latin America.

Anti-conformist is the expectation we put behind a Baroque “thing”. At the origins it meant to be a cultural, artistic trend that knowledgeable people opposed to Classicism, just because this movement put a premium on sensitivity on the top of everything else. It affected literature, theater, architecture, philosophy, painting, and arts…

Re-examine the modern Baroque meaning and you will be surprised to find out some strong eccentricity flavor in something “Baroque” nowadays. Indeed, having some “baroque” ideas, being a baroque character sounds like being in a rupture with some convention or with some norms, and sometimes, it brings the challenge to the next level: redefine a standard.

Of course, artists know how to cultivate this state of mind, that’s why we are fascinated and influenced by those creative energies. Oscar is one of them. When I met him for the first time in Taipei, I found something eccentric and Baroque in his styling skills to propose a new definition of fashion fabric materials beyond simply textile.

Question is: how much Baroque could we be today? When I look back in the Art History, I realize that people who seize the moment to provide new lenses to envision creation achieved greater than others in terms of artwork production. That explains why we believe in Shu-Kai Lin to depict a new perception of visual mental projection.

Unlike the traditional and classic conception of splitting fashion and art, we are going to reconcile the two together in a Baroque “Chinoiserie” fashion story. What we present there, is how to rev the Fashion & Beauty history of Art in a vibrant tribute to the mutual influences between western and oriental art dynamics.

Enlightened by the past, we will enrich your taste about sartorial men elegance from the highest bespoke standards of tailoring. Actually, Revver is like a little workshop in Savile Row where each individual is a craftsman animated by the desire to be Baroque…


而這次我們以『巴洛克』和『中國風』兩者為主題的時尚故事,就是以分裂時尚與傳統藝術的一個概念,呈現融合西、東方的服飾與彩妝,並以敬畏的心情去表現藝術史上那個充滿活力並相互成長的美好時代。而藉由過去的啟發,我們將男裝如何從平凡的裁縫演進至優雅的男仕高級定製服的過程介紹給大家。說穿了,這次Revver的工作夥伴們就只是像Savile Row的小作坊裡那些充滿“巴洛克慾望”的小工匠們,想呈現給你們一些的顛覆而已…