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「This is war」Edito March 2016

WAR is a state of mind, WAR is a reality, WAR is a business, WAR is a culture, WAR is a lifestyle, WAR is a burden, WAR is a state of emergency, WAR is a plague, WAR is a crisis…


When I look at around us in this beginning of year 2016: WAR is everywhere. After the 2015 January and November terrorist attacks in Paris, France and many other countries are at WAR…


Recently, Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister offered his most sincere apologies for the use of “women of comfort” by Japanese soldiers during WAR time against South Korea…


In Taiwan, WAR is still present in most of men’s life under the form of the “military service”. More generally, WAR is rampant in our lifestyle because WAR is business, and sometimes WAR is also an entertainment.  For instance, Hollywood movie industry just served us the 7th episode of “STAR WARS” movie earlier this year…


WAR is also a game. During the 2016 Taipei Game Show event earlier this year, a large number of video games produced are based on WAR context. Nowadays, players can do virtual war with virtual enemies and virtual casualties…


Indeed as you can see, we live an era where WAR is everywhere. Does that mean that we have a lot of enemies to fight or this is just a fascinating context to explore our fantasies?


We believe that WAR could be many different things at the same time. In this issue, we want to present our perception of WAR. Under the command of the photographer Stephane Ferrero, we explore the WAR imagery in a unique fashion story in collaboration with the Taiwanese fashion label FABITORIA. To go beyond images and visuals, we review WAR as a rampant trend in Music, Cinema and Literature… If you ready to fight, join our artistic guerilla!

爭鬥、爭執、對抗、或戰爭,可以以多元的面貌同時並存。本期的內容裡,我們嘗試以我們的角度詮釋此一主題。在攝影師史第芬.費雷諾的帶領下,我們和台灣時尚品牌 FABITORIA 合作,呈現了探索戰爭形象的獨特時尚專題。除了視覺影像,爭戰的議題也持續在音樂、電影、文學的領域不斷發酵。。。如果你也準備好了,歡迎加入我們的藝術游擊隊!



War to our enemies,

A war is always a fight full of passion and emotions, so

Revver takes up arms!

我們在此宣告 Revver 高舉雙臂



This is WAR

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