Sex: Female

Age: …

Occupation: Cool hunter

Residence: Taiwan, Taipei

Origin: Taiwan


How many bags do you have or how many bags do you use?

I have tons of bags because I am kind of fetish of it. There are five them that I really like so I use them quite often. Most of them are black leather bags ! For example I also have : a fabric shopping bag that use when I go to class and seaside, another one is a black sporty backpack that I carry when I go to work (my lunch box can fit in)! And I also have a small cross body bag that I take with me when hanging out with friends…


我有超級多個包包!因為我對於包包有點戀物癖好。其中有五個我很常使用,但他們大部分都是黑色皮革的 (我也不知道為什麼! ),例如:我會帶布包去上課和去海邊;黑色運動包包去上班(因為它塞得下我的便當盒);和朋友出去玩就帶我的小包包。


Are there any things that you occasionally or always forget to carry in your bag?

Sometimes, my keys run away from me. It’s small thing but very important.




Let’s say, if your bag was a person? What would be her name?

Her name would be Lorde ! Yes, it’s the name of the New Zealand singer-songwriter who is one of the muse of Karl Lagerfeld.


她的名字是Lorde。對!就是和那個紐西蘭一個創作型歌手一樣!她也是Karl Lagerfeld其中一個繆思。


What is the most precious thing in your bag?

Perfume & Spotify. Smell and music always can take away the sad mood of the bad days. Fresh me!




Among your girl friends, how many of them carry a bag everyday when they go out?

All! You know, we girls, we always have to bring lots of things.




Among your men friends, how many of them carry a bag everyday when they go out?

Some. At least when they go to work! During the weekend, it’s time for them to show-off their wallet and see if it can fit into their tiny jean’s pocket.




What is the strangest or the most unexpected thing you have seen in your friends’ bag?

I think it’s a big bottle of Haribo gummy bears (my friend can finish it in 3 days) and a pack of cigarettes (because I thought she decided to quit just two days ago). Who said so? I guess it’s like the flash stuff in MIB movie: memory erased!