“Vide ton sac” is a photography series that focuses on the individual intimate relationship between self-perception and objects that show some personality features.


Sex: Female

Age: …

Residence: Taiwan, Taipei

Origin: Taiwan




Where did you get that bag? 你在哪得到這個手拿包的?

I got that bag in the Philippines, it was made in a factory where they focus on producing goods that are environmental friendly and use natural resources from the Philippines.



How many bags do you have? 你有多少個包包?

Around 20 bags.



Have you ever been to a circus show?

Not really. I just watched the circus shows on TV.

沒有去過, 只有在電視上看過馬戲團的表演.


Can you give 3 names of clowns? 你可以給予3個小丑的名字嗎?

Philip Astley (菲利普·阿斯特利)

Charles Spencer (查爾斯·斯賓塞) 先生“查理”卓別林

Marcel Marceau (馬塞爾·馬索)


To you, what are the things that you always carry in your bag?  對你而言,你總是放甚麼商品在包包裡?

My lip balm, some make-up, my credit card, a notebook, my iPhone and some perfume…

護唇膏, 粉餅, 信用卡, 鈔票, 手機, 香水…


At what age do you get your first purse/bag? 你從幾歲開始有自己的皮夾和包包?

When I was 10 years old, I got my first purse.

當我十歲的時候, 我就開始有皮夾了.