“When I was in Tokyo last March, I really enjoyed the diversity of the music there. Having one of the strongest music culture in Asia, Tokyo and Japan have a lots of good artists, no matter Japan or elsewhere residents. The coming event will be dedicated to this rich Japanese sounds with my preference for Electronic and Soul dominants.”


DJ G Caballero presents:

Keita Sano

Able to move among different styles, from hip-hop to house, from disco to electronica, Keita Sano is a young producer from Japan. His productions are full of heart and culture.

Music type: Electonica, Hip-House, House

Selected Album: Keita Sano


StarRo aka Shinya Mizoguchi

Tokyo-born producer and instrumentalist, StarRO is fusing beats with Jazz, R&B, Soul, chill, emotions and love.

Music type: R&B, Soul

Selected Album: Monday



Japanese DJ/producer TAAR drops his first album in 2017 and calls his music “Modern Disco”.

Music type: Nu disco/Electronic

Selected Album: Astronotes in Disco


DJ Funnel

DJ/Beat Maker, DJ Funnel, Tokyo resident brings different elements of music to his mix such as abstract/breakbeat/electronica/hiphop.

Selected Album: Once In A Blue Moon


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