Studio of Legend by Andy BAKER, translation by Cor. C.


Ryan Adams And Norah Jones – Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles, 2011


When a recording engineer from the US is given the task of writing about a sunset and have it be related to music, it is an obvious choice to choose Sunset Sound in Los Angeles as the topic. A music recording studio that has a history so long and famous that it easily ranks within the top 10 most important studios in the world for continuos outpouring of well recorded popular music. Opened in 1958 by Tutti Camarata with funds from Walt Disney, it was intended to be used as a sound studio for film production. That is indeed how it began, capturing sound for the films Mary Poppins, Bambi and 101 Dalmations. But in the years following this small brick building that had served as a car garage would go on to record some of the most famous albums ever made. To this day and through the years, Sunset Sound has kept up with the technologies necessary to keep up with the industry. Interestingly though, most of the tools (mixing consoles, microphones, outboard processing) that were introduced in the 70s and 80s have remained and are still such a large part of the sound of the recordings produced there today. In the early 90s, computer recording was introduced and after a few years, this leap in technology brought the cost of recording down to a fraction of what it been. This brought in a whole new era of budget music studios and home recording musicians the whole world over. Only the best large studios would manage to survive the next 20 years, but Sunset Sound has continued to thrive even to this day. Still top choice for many of the artists that make albums even including 2015 grammy winning album by Beck.

Andy Baker raised in the midwest of the United States began interest in music at a very young age. Starting on the violin and then throughout his teens making his way onto guitar and bass. It was during these years that he developed a deep appreciation of sound quality and recording. By age 17 he had made the decision that recording music would be his career, and soon after relocated to Athens Georgia. Athens was home to hundreds of indi bands and it was there he setup his first commercial studio. For 17 years he played in bands and recorded and mixed hundreds and hundreds of albums. In 2007 he relocated to Taiwan and before long was becoming involved with the Taiwan music scene. At present Andy has mixed more than 100 albums in Taiwan and is now running his own mixing facility in Taipei.


當来自美國的一个录音师给出写夕阳的任务,并将它涉及到的音乐,这是一个显而易见的选择,选择日落声音在洛杉矶的话题。音乐录音工作室,有历史这么久,著名的,它很容易在世界上10个最重要的工作室以及记录流行音乐的连续的流露内的行列。于1958年开业由合奏Camarata与迪斯尼的资金,它的目的是用作录音室为电影制作。这确实是它如何开始,捕捉声音的电影欢乐满人间,小鹿斑比和101 Dalmations。但在随后几年中这种小砖建筑,曾担任一个车库会去记录一些有史以来最有名的专辑。为了这一天,并通过这些年来,日落声音一直与必要跟上行业技术。但有趣的是,大多数的工具(调音台,话筒,外置处理),这些在70年代和80年代推出的仍然是和今天仍然有生产录音的声音这么大的一部分。在90年代初,电脑录音介绍过了几年,这个飞跃科技带来记录下来的东西它是一小部分的成本。这带来了预算的音乐工作室和家庭录音音乐家整个世界在一个全新的时代。只有最好的大制片厂将管理求生存,未来20年,但日落的声音一直不断茁壮成长,甚至到今天。对于许多,使甚至包括2015年格莱美获奖专辑贝克专辑的艺术家仍然首选。

安迪·贝克在中西部美国提出始于音乐的兴趣在一个非常年轻的年龄。开始在小提琴,然后在他的青少年做他的方式到吉他和贝司。正是在这些年里,他开发的音质和录音的深深的谢意。 17岁时,他曾提出,录制音乐是他的职业生涯,不久后搬迁到乔治亚州雅典的决定。雅典是家庭对数百INDI乐队,这是他在那里建立了第一个商业工作室。 17年来,他在乐队和记录和混合成百上千的专辑播放。 2007年,他迁往台湾,不久被卷入与台湾乐坛。目前安迪混合超过100张专辑在台湾和现在运行在台北自己的混合设备。


Ryan Adams – Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles, 2007