By SAMMY BLOUNT, translation by Ernest Chen


When Sanza told me that the theme of the Revver issue #11 would be about < liquid >, I felt a bit perplexed. I more or less understood that the subject < liquid > was quite interesting and inspiring for fashion photography visuals. But I had no idea how I could make a link between this “fashion imagery” and “Cinema” as the 7th art. So, I started googling a few silly things, like “liquid movie” or “film about liquid”. Of course, not much came out. Who said Google had all the answers…? I was starting to get slightly nervous. How would I be able to write something on time? And more important, something I would be happy of… But after a couple of days being busy on other things, I even momentarily forgot I had to write for Revver…

Let me tell you how it happened. I was on the bus to Taoyuan airport. It was hot, very hot. I had been melting for the whole day. And suddenly (how strange…), I thought of a giant pool in which I could cool down and swim. It is at this very moment my brain made the connection. Liquid, melting, swimming pool…serendipity!!!! The movie, “La Piscine*”, directed by Jaques Deray in 1969, with Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet and the young Jane Birkin.


當卜尚哲告訴我 Revver 雜誌第十一期的主題是關於「液體」時,我感到有些困惑。我大概了解「液體」這個主題對於時尚攝影的視覺呈現來說會是蠻有趣的靈感來源,但是我完全不知道「液體」要如何串連起「時尚影像」與「電影」這門第七藝術。所以,我開始用谷歌搜尋一些很可笑的詞組,像是「液體電影」或是「關於液體的電影」,想當然耳,沒什麼收穫。是誰說谷歌是萬事通的……?我開始覺得有點緊張,我要怎麼準時交稿?更是重要的是,還要交出自己滿意的內容……。不過忙其它事忙了幾天過後,我甚至一度忘了要為 Revver 寫稿這件事……。

讓我來聊聊稿是怎麼寫出來的。我在前往桃園國際機場的客運上,那天很熱、非常熱,我整天都像是要融化了一樣,突然之間(多詭異……),我腦中浮現一座巨大的池子讓我可以游個泳涼快一下,此刻我腦中靈光一現,將一切串連了起來:液體、融化、泳池……天上掉下來的靈感!電影《游泳池》(La Piscine,1969),導演是雅克‧德雷,演員陣容包括亞蘭‧德倫、羅美‧雪妮黛、莫里斯‧侯內,和年輕的珍‧柏金。

To be honest, I had never seen this movie before. Nor most of Revver’s readers, I presume. But I am sure almost all of them have seen a piece of it without knowing it. Indeed, shots from the film were used in the Dior perfume promotional campaign “Eau Sauvage”. Alain Delon is successively enjoying a bit of “farniente” by the pool while casually soaking his hand into the water, bending his muscles to exit the pool or taking off his sun glasses after someone jumped in the pool and splashed him. All of this is obviously served with a haunting saxophone in the back. I am sure it rings a bell.


eau sauvage 1

But let’s come back to the movie itself. Gorgeous Jean-Paul (Alain Delon) and beautiful Marianne (Romy Schneider) are in love. They are spending their holidays near Saint-Tropez in an amazing villa with an even more amazing swimming pool. And they swim and they laugh and love is all around. Everything is perfect. Of course it couldn’t last… This is when handsome Harry (Maurice Ronet) arrives in his gleaming Maserati car accompanied by his young and innocent (and beautiful…) daughter Penelope (Jane Birkin). Surely, Harry the playboy and Marianne the goddess have been more than just friends in the past. And it seems the deal is not totally over… So they get closer, by the pool. At the same time, Jean-Paul (Alain Delon) feels it and does not like it. So he gets closer to Penelope, by the pool. And it goes on until something terrible happens… in the pool…

說真的,我本來沒看過這部電影,我猜多數的 Revver 讀者也沒看過,但是我很確定你們幾乎都在不知情的狀況看過這部電影的片段。事實上,這部電影的的畫面曾被用在迪奧的男性香水「Eau Sauvage」的廣告中:亞蘭‧德倫在泳池畔愜意地享受悠閒時光,一手還撩弄著池水,接著鏡頭帶到他雙臂使勁躍出泳池,而後有人跳入池中濺起大片水花潑到了他,使他倉惶摘下太陽眼鏡一探究竟。你也很難忽視整支廣告都襯著洗腦的薩科斯風旋律,說到這裡,想必你已經回想起來了吧?


After watching the movie, I thought it was a rather classic love “chassé-croisé”. In the 60s the French Cinema is full of similar movies, from Jean-Luc Godard’s “Le Mépris” to Francois Truffaut’s “Jules et Jim”. On top, Jacques Deray just added a touch of aesthetics and… a swimming pool twist. The result is very much in line with what you would expect. Of course, some of you love the atmosphere, the actors, the beauty and this “je ne sais quoi” which is the signature style of the glamourous trend in the 60s that tells you this movie is a classic one. On the other hand, some of you will think that the story is somehow slow and predictable, making the film difficult to enjoy. As far as I am concerned, I had a pleasant time watching “La Piscine”, but it is not on the top of my list. I would recommend it for a summer evening in the South of France, in a villa with a pool, when it’s late and the cicadas are singing. But I would not watch it if the temperature falls below 30 degrees.

看完電影後,我想這是部「多角關係交錯」的愛情劇,頗為經典。從尚盧‧高達的《輕蔑》(Le Mépris)到法蘭索瓦‧楚浮的《夏日之戀》(Jules et Jim),六〇年代的法國電影圈充斥著類似的電影。雅克‧德雷只是在這類電影中再加入了一些美感元素,並運用泳池場景設定來安排劇情轉折。《游泳池》的結尾基本上符合觀眾預期的走向,當然,有些人是喜歡電影氛圍、劇中演員,或是一種難以言喻的美感,這也是六〇年代迷人的特色風格,彷彿在告訴觀眾這部電影有多經典,而另一方面,有些人會覺得劇情老套且推展較慢,讓人難以盡情觀賞。對我而言,《游泳池》是一部好片,但是不會是我的片單首選。我會推薦你在有泳池的南法別墅,伴隨著夏日深夜的蟬鳴聲看這部片。但如果當日氣溫低於三十度,我就不會想看這部片了。

le mepris

Before leaving Revver’s readers until the next issue, I just would like to finish with a little something for Sanza who just came back from Cuba. I had the chance to visit the country twice and felt in love with it. I obviously went there long after the Revolution, but I always felt that the Mikhaîl Kalatozov’s movie “Soy Cuba” captured perfectly the spirit of what the island may have been in the 50’s. Why I am telling you this? Because one of the opening shot is probably the craziest long sequence ever made. For five minutes the camera threads her way among a bunch a fancy tourist partying on the roof of a hotel and it literally finishes in a swimming pool…

So ladies and gentlemen, beautiful people of Taipei and elsewhere, next time you go to the movies, don’t forget to bring your swimming suit!

*The Swimming pool

在本期的稿件收尾之前,我想和卜尚哲分享一點東西(他剛從古巴回來)。我曾有機會造訪古巴兩次,也深深愛上了這個國家。當然我是在古巴革命結束後很久才去的,但是我總覺得米哈依爾‧卡拉托佐夫執導的電影《我是古巴》(Soy Cuba,1964)完美捕捉了這個島國在五〇年代的精髓。我為什麼要講這些?因為該電影開場的其中一個場景可能是史上最瘋狂的一鏡到底影像,前面長達五分鐘的時間,都在描繪一群花枝招展的觀光客在飯店屋頂開趴,而鏡頭最後在泳池中收尾……


soy cuba