Photography: Stephane FERRERO

Assistant photography: Chiaco TAMURA

Model: Maxine CHIANG (Fashion Agency)

Makeup artist: Keavy HSU

Hair stylist: August CHEN

Stylist: Sanza BULAYA, Ji Fu ZHENG, Shih WEN

In collaboration with Ji Fu ZHENG, Shih WEN

Special Thanks to Angel, Ting, Cor. C

The Photographer’s word

When the “circus” theme came out at the REVVER meeting preparing the next issue, I got some mixed feelings. First, I thought it was a wonderful theme in terms of visual. But then, I also kind of realized how delicate it would be to process that theme because it is very easy to be cliché. Frankly speaking, we didn’t want to show a “clown” as we know it. In other words, no big red lips, no red nose and no curled hair wig.

When I think about “circus”, it reminds me the very small circus coming in town when I was a kid. Moreover, when I think about “clowns”, I don’t necessary think about entertainment but more about feelings, and sometimes I think about sadness and burlesque. Something that you can find in the Fellini movies, where color is just a way to enhance the dark side of human being, or to highlight the absurd of OUR lives, as would suggest Albert Camus. That is also why our fashion story is named “The Human Comedy”. The clown depicts us. In fact, when we laugh at the clown we laugh at ourselves.

In our story, a circus arrives in town. The clown, actually a very fashionable one, brought to life through Maxine, invites us to have a glance at her life. She opens her heart, and let us see the feelings she has from the preparation to the end of the show. We can follow her backstage, where appearances are deceptive…