Jeu de mains…


Hands playing… Maybe we are forgetting what is a play.

A play is a way to engage oneself or to engage other. It shows a capacity to move ideas, rules, principles, perceptions, and things to find a common accepted ground to experience something.

Maybe we are forgetting that touching someone is a statement. “Jeu de mains” is a statement and also a message that our hands send to the world to say: come to me and play with me.

Hands playing… Maybe they have forgotten what is a play.

Stop racism.


Jeu de mains…


玩是一種參與自我或與其他人交往的方式。 它顯示了移動的想法,規則,原則,感知和事物以找到共同接受的地方來體驗某事的能力。

也許我們忘記了觸摸某人是一個聲明。 “Jeu de mains”是一個陳述,也是一個信息,我們的手向世界說:來和我一起玩。