Stephane Ferrero is a French photographer based in Asia and specialized in editorial and advertising photography.

In 2015 and 2016, he participated in a photography contest in France curated by PHOTO MAGAZINE and was awarded 2 years in a row for his fashion work.

Beside his commercial work, he continues his photography quest through photographs series that are exhibited and published on regular bases, since 2008.

His artwork is strongly influenced by documentary and street photography, with central position of human being in urban surrounding.


2015年、2016年には フランスの写真雑誌、”PHOTO MAGAZINE” によるフォトコンテスト、ファッション部門で2年連続 賞を受賞。

“Fragments of a city” is a ballad through the streets of Tokyo. The camera is a tool to capture some details of that megapolis. Here, the purpose is not to give to the viewer a description of Tokyo, to tell him/her how it should be seen, but just to give some hints, some details, some fragments of that city. In a way, it is also a tribute to one of the masters of the street photography: Daido Moriyama who published a photographic book named “Fragments”. At last, all the photographs have been shot with film cameras that are more prompt to capture atmosphere.

“Fragments of a city” (都会の断片)は、東京ストリート物語。見るものに東京を説明するのではなく、ここでは、カメラはただ、その大都市の詳細を捕らえるツールであり、かつその街のヒント、詳細、もしくは断片があるのみ。それはまた、自身も大きな影響受けた ストリート写真の巨匠、森山大道の写真集 “Fragments” へ捧ぐものである。最後に、フィルムカメラで撮影された全ての写真は、その他の何よりも刺激的にその場を取り巻く環境、空気感を捉えられるものだと思う。