Movie by Diego CALDERON

Production: Sanza BULAYA

Model: Ju-HUNG

Makeup artist / Hair stylist: Hikari CHANG

Clothing: Jamei CHEN

Stylist: Sanza BULAYA

Location: Lezard Studio Taipei

Special Thanks to SJ & Sherry LU



DONA NOBIS PACEM* is a film depicting a Dream about searching for Peace.

A dead King and a lonely pregnant Queen…

An empty throne…

A God defeated by the failure of its creation…

An angel who still hopes for a better tomorrow, searching for the prefect soul to be born as a new ruler, a new King…

Born of darkness and light, the new King will bring Peace to the world…

And when the Dream ends, life returns to itself, to its violent self. Peace is just an interim state between Wars – those moments when we are awake, aware of everything.

We regard our lives just like this Dream. Sometimes it is a violent Dream, for some of us it is a Nightmare. However, when we search for Peace, there are so many paths to be carefully considered. One of the most precious ones is the path that leads you to inner Peace: Peace comes from within.


*Grant us Peace – in Latin



Diego Calderon is an actor and director from Cordoba, Spain. He showed an early interest in filmmaking and acting by the hand of his mother who was an accomplished theatre actor in their hometown. He moved to the United States in his late teens, and by his early thirties he had lived in three of the five time zones of the US and attended three colleges studying acting, film making and a bit of science. Mid thirties he travel to Asia, making Taiwan his home for three years and half years working in several commercials and participating as an actor in the film Silence shot in Taipei. At the time of this text was written he was in The Bahamas shooting an independent film.

Influenced by his life journey, Diego Calderon lived all over the US in cities as diverse as Denver CO, Wichita KS, Boston MA, and Los Angeles CA, and he has been living in three out of the four continental times zones…