Give Peace a Chance

By ANDY BAKER, translation by Ernest Chen



“Peace train”, a song by the artist Cat Stevens is almost always the song that first comes to my mind when thinking of a song that promotes peace. It was written in 1971, just two years after “Give Peace a Chance” during the Vietnam War.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)”, by R.E.M. has a very special place in my heart. They gained popularity from the small town of Athens GA during the mid 80’s where I lived during the college years. This song is full of sarcasm and famous for its quick paced stream of conscience styled vocal performance. It was released in 1987 but stands the test of time very well.

John Sebastian, Woodstock 1969, by Henry Diltz.

John Sebastian, Woodstock 1969, by Henry Diltz.

每次談到提倡和平的歌曲,我幾乎都會馬上想到歌手凱特‧史蒂文斯的〈 Peace Train和平列車〉。這首歌創作於1971年,當時正值越戰期間,距離約翰‧藍儂推出〈Give Peace a Chance給和平一個機會〉正好兩年。

美國搖滾樂團R.E.M .的歌曲〈It’s the End of the World as we Know It (and I feel fine) 這是我們所知的世界末日(而我覺得很好)〉對我有特殊意義,他們於八零年代中期發跡於美國喬治亞州的小城雅典,而我那也是我度過大學歲月的地方。這首歌充滿諷刺意涵,特色是快節奏的意識流風格聲線,雖然發行於1987年,但完全禁的起時間考驗。

“Spanish Bombs” by the Clash released in 1979. It was written by Joe Strummer during the recording of their masterpiece London calling. This song cleverly compares modern tourists visiting Spain to the men fighting in the trenches of the Spanish civil war of 1936.

英國龐克樂團「The Clash衝擊合唱團」在1979年發行的〈Spanish Bombs西班牙炸彈〉歌曲 ,是喬‧史楚默在錄製〈London calling倫敦呼喚〉這張經典專輯時所創作的。在這首歌中,描述了到訪班半牙的現代觀光客,以及1936年在西班牙內戰時,於壕溝裡奮戰的男人,兩者形成巧妙對比。

“Peace Love and understanding” by Elvis Costello was written and produced by Nick Lowe and is ranked as 284th on a list of greatest songs of all time. This song appeared on the American release of his album Allied Forces in 1978.

英國歌手艾維斯‧卡斯提洛演唱的歌曲〈(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding 和平、愛、與理解(有什麼好笑)〉是出自尼克‧羅威之手,2004年時被滾石雜誌列為史上最偉大的歌曲第284名,此曲收錄在1979年發行的〈Armed Forces 武裝部隊〉美國版專輯中。

The crowd at Richie Havens' Woodstock-opening set on Aug. 15, 1969.

The crowd at Richie Havens’ Woodstock-opening set on Aug. 15, 1969.

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” by Bob Dylan was written in 1962 in response to the Cuban missile crisis. Once again Dylan combines his lyric genius with masterful melody. He once said every line of this song is like a start of a whole new song, but that when he wrote it he thought he would not have enough time alive to write all the songs and therefore just put them into this one.

〈A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall 暴雨將至〉是巴布‧狄倫於1962年針對古巴飛彈危機所作的歌曲,再次完美結合優異歌詞與不凡旋律。他曾說過,這首歌的每一句都像是一首全新歌曲的開頭,但他有生之年沒有那麼多時間將每一句都譜寫成一首歌,所以只好把它們放在一起變成了〈暴雨將至〉首歌。

“Redemption Song” by Bob Marley is known as one of his best songs. Some of the key lyrics are derived from a speech by the Pan-Africanist orator Marcus Garvey entitled “The Work That Has Been Done.” This song was written in 1979 after he had been diagnosed with cancer that would later take his life.

〈Redemption Song 救贖之歌〉是巴布‧馬利的代表作之一。部分重點歌詞源自演說家、同時也是泛非主義者的馬科斯‧加維的演說〈The Work That Has Been Done 那些已完成的工作〉。這首歌作於1979年,當時馬利已罹患癌症,後來也因此與世長辭。

“Give Peace a Chance” was John Lennon’s first non-Beatle single. This song was written and recorded in room 1742 inside La Hotel Reine Elizabeth during a week long bed-in for peace in May of 1969. The lyrics were assembled from words spoken by John and Yoko from their week of day and night interviews with the press from their bed. The song was recorded in the room on the final day of the event with studio equipment that was brought to their room. Simple in melody and structure to create an easy sing along anthem for the masses.

〈Give Peace a Chance給和平一個機會〉是約翰‧藍儂的第一張非以披頭四名義發表的個人單曲。1969年5月,他在費爾蒙伊麗莎白女王酒店的1742號房間,進行為期一週的「Bed-Ins for Peace 床上和平運動」,期間創作出這首歌並錄製完成。在那七天之中,藍儂和小野洋子每天從早到晚都在床上接受媒體採訪,而這首歌的歌詞正是集結了這些訪談的隻字片語而成。活動最後一天,藍儂在旅館房內用自己帶過去的錄音設備,錄製了這首歌曲。簡單的旋律與架構,成就了一首朗朗上口的經典反戰歌曲。

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