By Andy BAKER, translation by Cor. C.



Source: Benji’s home in San Francisco, CA


It seems now music has found its home living inside of a computer and or a cell phone these days.. At your home practically any piece of music is at your finger tips if you are with a decent internet connection. It is a stark contrast to what it was like just 30 years ago when if you wanted to hear a certain album, you just had to go out and buy it! A stark contrast to what music shopping is like today.

So now that you have practically any music you choose just a mouse click away, what is it that you choose? It seems the mood of the moment is the master of choice when you are at the luxury of such a wide selection of available music.

Sometimes just some noise in the background, sometimes intense listening to a meaningful record. Just as weather can effect your mood, it will almost without a doubt help decide your choice of music.



音樂似乎在電腦裡或手機裡找到了家的感覺. 幾乎所有的音樂作品就在你的指尖,如果你在你的家有互聯網連接。這跟30年前的時候是一個鮮明的對比,之前是如果你想聽到的一個特定的專輯,你就非得出去買吧!不像現在這樣。

所以,現在你選擇的任何音樂只需點擊即可,你的選擇是什麼?當你有如此廣泛的音樂可供選擇。似乎此刻的心情正主宰音樂的選擇, 有時只是一些噪音在背景音樂,有時是專心聽一個有意義的專輯。正如天氣會影響你的心情,這些都會影響你選擇的音樂。



Source: Benji’s home in San Francisco, CA