Photography : Stephane Ferrero
Assistant photography : Ching-Yi HSUEH
Models : Filantropy LU / Jennifer Z-LUN
Makeup & Hair stylist : Meng-Shu LEE
Stylist : Sanza BULAYA
Special Thanks to Sally HSIAO, Marina Yvés WANG & Fish KUANG

Photograp[her’s words

This is war! What a powerful statement especially for a fashion-art magazine. That was my very first thought when I started to get into REVVER #9 issue at the earliest stage. Creating a fashion story around the theme of war was for me confusing. As I’m a pacifist by nature, I didn’t want to magnify war here. I also didn’t want to be too much descriptive about warfare. War is a huge question and can be many different things as well. The only way for me to shoot it according to my standards and my vision Fashion was to conceptualize war. Firstly, it would be symbolized by blood and red color. Second, there would be two models to symbolize enemies or brothers in arms. Finally, the fashion story would be named “To the fallen” as a tribute to the victims more than a “tribute” to the ones who make war. We divided the story into six different sets, such as: “Pieta” which refers to the Renaissance art work, Pain, Execution, RIP, Glory and Healing which are different state of mind when living under war conditions. In other words, six themes inspired by the concept of war. A little circumspect at the beginning, I found that concept very inspiring….

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